Interesting Facts About The NFL

There is no other sport quite like American football. It commands a massive audience of tens of millions of people; it’s some to some of the most financially successful sports clubs of all time; and it’s also boasts the incredibly popular Super Bowl, which is widely considered to be among the world’s most well-known sporting events.

The easiest way to make new friends is sharing a few favourite moments from any number of NFL games, or by telling some fascinating facts about the popular football league.

The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is the final outcome of the NFL season and has the two best teams from that season competing against one another for the ultimate trophy. It remains one of the most-watched events of all time, and it’s believed that around 100 million fans in total watch the event as it takes place. The very first Super Bowl took place in 1967 and will always be remembered for the Green Bay Packers’ victory over the Kansas City Chiefs.

Currently, the English Patriots are the most successful team of the Super Bowl, along with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Both clubs have won the Super Bowl six times so far, followed closely by the San Francisco 29s, and the Dallas Cowboys. The New York Giants and the Green Bay Packers have won the event four times.

The Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills are regarded as the unluckiest team to have ever participated in the NFL. The team managed to make it to the Super Bowl four times during the 1990s. Almost all of the teams that have earned the chance to compete in the Super Bowl have also ended up winning it, but this was not to be the case for the Buffalo Bills. They lost all four games that they took part in, and they are now known for being terribly unlucky.

But they’re not the only ones – the Minnesota Vikings hold a similar record, except that their attempts at the Super Bowl took place over the course of 8 years, rather than the 4 consecutive years that the Buffalo Bills had to deal with.

NFL Betting

Sports betting is a popular pastime, and it’s perhaps one of the most successful side industries in relation to the Super Bowl. Millions of sports bettors participate every year, and this in turn generates billions of dollars for the betting industry. People keep a very close eye on NFL odds as they come out, which usually happens not too long before the beginning of the next Super Bowl. This gives punters the chance to choose which teams they would like to put their money down on. And if they do this at a site that also offers casino games, they can enjoy live casino online roulette while they wait for the results of their wager.

The Hall Of Fame

Gale Sayers is the youngest player the NFL’s history to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, which opened its doors in 1963. He earned his induction at the young age just 34, which the oldest inductee of all time is Ed Sabol, who was 94 when he was given his place within the Hall of Fame.


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