Big casino bonus – where’s the catch?

Most casinos offer you a big welcome bonus for your first deposit, this means that instead of starting to play with your first deposit amount you start with a double your balance for example: deposit 100 and play with 200.

Well, that’s very nice and all but where’s the catch? I mean, i wish you went to the supermarket and my money would be worth double its value.

So here’s the catch, while you start with a big bonus you need to play with your money a certain amount of times. This is called Wagering.

What is wagering?

Wagering is another name to the word betting. I will explain the concept of wagering with an example. Let’s say you registered to a casino and make your first deposit of $100 and get a 100% bonus which means you play with $200. They state on the terms and conditions that in order to be able to withdraw you have to wager your money x 20 times. Wagering refers to both the amount of the deposit and bonus so you have to bet $4000 in what they call allowed games which are basically slot machines games and not 50-50 games such as blackjack and roulette.

A wager is to place a coin of $1 inside a slot meilleur casino enligne regardless if you lose or win you wagered $1 .

Is wagering good or bad?

Logically it’s bad. However in best online casino usa since they are random number generators you have an equal chance of winning so starting off with a big balance is not a bad thing.

To take the bonus or not?

As a player you can choose not to accept the bonus and by doing so you can refuse the wagering concept just like you go inside a land based casino and change your money into chips and then change it back to money.

In my opinion the bonus money is a good start to try all the games so at the beginning it’s better you start with the bonus money and only later on once you decided on your favorite game you can refuse the bonus.

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