How maintaining a Bandhani Saree is essential to ensure it continues to glaze?

Proper care is required to preserve the beauty of a bandhani saree (or any other piece of apparel). Because the bandhani is made out of loose coloured dyes, its vibrancy may fade over time if not properly cared for. Therefore, the washing of Bandhani cloth is a crucial step.

Always dry clean your bandhani sarees to ensure that their colour does not fade over time. If you’ve been washing your valuable bandhej saree all this time, you should stop right now. Do not use harsh detergents on delicate sarees to torture the art of bandhani.

The majority of people also want to know how to iron a Bandhani Silk Saree properly. So here’s the deal: don’t iron your bandhej saree like you would your regular garments. Instead, use a steam iron to keep the glitz.

It is essential to keep in mind that washing bandhani sarees using simple procedures may tempt you. However, because these bandhej or bandhani silk sarees aren’t cheap, you should avoid using home cleaning methods. Furthermore, no matter how well you care for one of your favourite sarees, the colour will fade. So you’ll have to redye the bandhani saree at a later date to bring it back to life.

What is the best way of cleaning Bandhani sarees at home?

Bandhani sarees should only be dry cleaned and should not be washed at home (washed with petrol). Although you can clean your bandhani saree or a bandhani salwar kameez, or bandhani dupattas, you should be aware that it will not totally restore the lost colour. To clean a bandhani saree at home, follow the instructions below:

• Soak the saree in plain water.

• Take it out and soak it in an acetic acid solution in a bucket.

• Soak the saree in a solution of detergent powder, acetic acid, and soda ash for a few minutes. 

• Rinse it in regular water after dipping it in the solution of acetic acid.

• Lay the saree out in the sun to dry, and your Banarasi Bandhani saree is clean.


Bandhani sarees are hand-done sarees from Gujarat and Rajasthan that are created using a unique tie-and-dye procedure. These banarasi bandhani sarees are not inexpensive, but the ultimate art interwoven in the designs makes it worthwhile to purchase. Bandhani sarees, bandhani salwar kameez, with bandhani dupattas are undoubtedly one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing. It is appropriate for women of all ages and silhouettes.

Though these sarees are attractive because of their elegant appearance, they may be difficult to maintain.

To protect the dyed fabric, they must be washed in petrol. You can wear a bandhej saree to any occasion and be assured that you will be the most beautiful woman in the room.

By mixing these usually traditional sarees with jeans, you may give them a modern twist. Know the ideal jewellery to wear with your bandhani saree for the perfect occasion to spice up your look. Buy the best Gujarati and Jaipuri bandhej sarees online at the lowest rates and with the best deals.

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